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How to Talk to a Giraffe by Diana Howard, Harris H. Huber (Illustrator)

How to Talk to a Giraffe

by Diana Howard, Harris H. Huber (Illustrator)

26 pages
How to Talk to a Giraffe is a sequel to Boo Boo La Roo. It continues the story of an unlikely friendship between a tiny Elephant Shrew named Boo Boo La Roo and a giraffe named Raza.

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About the Book
How to Talk to a Giraffe is a kind and entertaining story about an African giraffe named Raza and his friends, Boo Boo La Roo, the Elephant Shrew and Chloe Cuckoo Bird. Their story of friendship is heartwarming and fun. Each page illustrates for the reader how these three charming characters challenge each other, help each other and care for each other. The reader will be delighted to view the clever illustrations by Harris Huber while reading the story in rhyme.

How to Talk to a Giraffe will model for children how to listen, how to share feelings, how to apologize and most of all, how to have fun in friendship with others.


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About the Author
Diana Howard, Harris H. Huber (Illustrator) Diana Howard is a poet and children’s author who lives along the Missouri River. She has published 3 children’s books and one volume of poetry. Her love of writing stems from a childhood filled with reading and being read to. Her stories entertain but also model human and animal kindness.



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