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Boo Boo La Roo by Diana Howard

Boo Boo La Roo

by Diana Howard

32 pages
Boo Boo La Roo is a charming story about a tiny African Elephant Shrew. The story is told in rhyme with clever cartoon drawings. The book is appropriate for children ages 1-5.

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Category: Children:Values
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About the Book
Boo Boo La Roo is a children’s picture book appropriate for children ages 1-5. It is the story of an audacious little African Elephant Shrew who is forever challenging his parents’ patience. He is full of energy and the desire to explore.

Boo Boo La Roo contains entertaining cartoon illustrations that will delight the reader. Each page is filled with clever rhyme that reminds children of the value of kindness and following parents’ rules.



About the Author
Diana Howard Diana Howard is a children’s author and poet who lives beside the Missouri River in southeastern South Dakota. Diana is a lover of nature and children and includes them both equally in her writing. She published her first children’s book, Applesauce, in 2011.



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