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AARON AND MARIA: A Love Story by William Collins


by William Collins

78 pages
As part of the Bishop's Mission Aaron had access to Data Set Z, the message captured from a distant civilization. He eventually decoded it and with Maria, they learned its secrets.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Romance
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About the Book
After discovering the secret of Data Set Z, Aaron remembered his friend Maria and her special bio-technological area of expertise. Talents that could be employed to delve further into Set Z's puzzle.

Together they revealed its secrets, but one secret and one mystery after another led them both on very different paths. Their fates resolved in very different ways -- some obvious and expected, other remained mysterious.

Aliens might take on many forms. Some anticipated and others very strange. Follow them both through this tale of love and adventures of the heart.


"Aaron and Maria"...Just beyond anything I could imagine and beyond everything that I expected! First page pulls one in and holds one tight with awe and anticipation until last page is turned! Mr. Collins' story telling gift and future worldly imagination are just phenomenal! Epic 3rd book! Brilliant! Brilliant!
- Kay


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About the Author
William Collins’ third book, Aaron and Maria is a continuation of his second, The Bishop’s Mission. Now retired, he developed his writing style and communication skills in the corporate atmosphere. He admits to writing fiction without regard for effortless comprehension, yet, his works flow breezily and with easily imagined scenarios.



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