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by ChelleyB

208 pages
Teen-age siblings, Shane and Shauna are homeless on the streets of New York, after years of abuse from their stepfather. Shane takes aggressive steps to survive. He grows more ruthless as time passes, that is, until he meets his Conscience.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
A story of struggle, survival, and redemption.

Screams radiate throughout the house, causing the walls to vibrate. The thunderous sounds of bodies crashing to the floor fills the air with fear. This is a familiar scene for teenagers Shane, and Shauna. They have endured the abuse of their stepfather John, for as long as they can remember. Weary and broken they want to runaway Ė but are hopeless to the thought of anything better. Trapped, battered, and beaten they accept that there is no escape. Until a doleful twist of fate changes everything.

John decides, on what feels like the coldest night of the year, that his stepchildren must leave the house. He declares, not his kids, no longer his problem. Terrified and homeless, Shane takes aggressive steps to survive. And soon, Shauna learns that her younger brother has secret connections that she knew nothing about. The most powerful being Basim, a violent and cunning drug dealer. Basim takes Shane under his wing and teaches him every area of the business. He excels quickly and is later known on the streets as Youngblood. A crazy kid filled with rage. He grows more ruthless as time passes, that is, until he meets his Conscience.

Told in the poignant voice of Shane, we watch as he grapples with the physical and emotional aches of learning to trust and accept love - amid constant loss, heartache, and pain.


Have to share, my friend who's husband was Shane before marriage said, "it took him a few hours" to read your book this weekend. She said he enjoyed it and he said "he wanted more it was not long enough!"
- Tinita R
Such a page turner! I enjoyed every bit of it!
- Wanda Q
This book is so good. I couldn't put it down once I got started reading it, I look forward to part 2?
- Connie B


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About the Author
ChelleyB is a poet, fiction writer and child advocate. Her passion is to uplift and encourage any heart that is beating but broken. Her novels give awareness to all that have fallen and struggled with the thought of getting back up.



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