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It Ain't Easy Bein' Queen by ChelleyB

It Ain't Easy Bein' Queen

by ChelleyB

264 pages
It Ainít Easy Beiní Queen, dives into the lives of four childhood friends. We follow the journey of these women, as they realize the power of true intentions. Learning that the sovereignty of sisterhood can be lifesaving.

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About the Book
An epic tale of tragedy, revelation, and sisterhood. It Ainít Easy Beiní Queen, dives into the lives of four childhood friends. Noon, Margaret, Teekah and Carrie. All educated women who pursued a self-designed road map for their lives, only to find that life does not always follow a straight course.

Noon owns an online magazine. She is strong and responsible. The person everyone runs to for help. Her life was bright, filled with promise. However, even the sunniest times has its moments of rain. Noonís life is turned upside down by a drunk driver and sadly that was only the beginning. Two years later, almost to the day, another car crash derails her life yet again. But this time there is something more powerful going on. And it seems to have affected everyone around her.

Margaret is physically perfect. She is outwardly confident, yet secretly insecure. She was taught early by someone she trusted, that being beautiful, is a talent. But, she still felt a void, a sense of unworthiness. Desperate to fill this empty space, she willingly placed herself into relationships with men, who desired her, but did not value her. She believed that the definition of a good man is measured by the size of his bank account, no matter what his form of treatment. She soon learns that money is not the highest means of payment.

Teekah is smart, genius level intelligence. However, she is confused by her own behavior. A behavior, that according to her family is considered abnormal. And abnormality, is not tolerated. The conflict causes Teekah to search for ways to become her familyís version of typical. The search led her down a dark and dangerous road. A road filled with addiction and promiscuousness, fumbling to find a way out.

Carrie, a self-proclaimed good girl, is shy, timid, and overly naive. Her childhood was filled with loneliness and abuse, leaving her desperate to find someone who would just love her. Eager to be accepted and loved, her fragile mindset made her prime prey, appreciative to the first man that gave her any type of attention. Feeling that she was lucky to have finally found someone to care for her, she easily submitted to her college sweetheart. Unfortunately, he treated her with as much disdain as she allowed. However, Carrie was determined to be her definition of a good wife and she longed to be a mother. Yet, again and again, she was left with devastating losses. Falling into a deep depression, her friends rally to her side. But, unbeknownst to them, and even to Carrie herself, she is battling generational demons that are far more frightening than anyone can imagine.

It Ainít Easy Beiní Queen, puts a twist on the normal story of struggle, awareness, and growth. Our tale shares an alternate rendition. One that gives premise to the belief of something more powerful. Stronger. Something beyond what we can achieve through our own strength. Omnibenevolence.

The friends make a final stand, confronting the truth, the truth of a reality that could be, if we accepted our deepest flaws, and allowed our true intent to become visible.

What if one day the world DID TILT, and you are truly given a second chance? What if RED SEA MIRACLES are available? It Ainít Easy Beiní Queen, gives you an answer.


I flew through this book! I wanted to know what happened next at every turn. It's an easy read & an excellent story! I fell into this book & am so glad I had an opportunity to read it. I definitely recommend that you read it, too!
- Paige Johnson
I am into all genre's of the literary pool, finding what works for me and what doesn't. Books like, It Ain't Easy Bein' Queen', are definitely my cup of tea. I could relate to most of the characters. One in particular, Carrie (aka) Nina, brought to life a huge elephant in the room for mental illness. I love how the writer made this characters story come to life. It felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. Definitely a page turner. I can not wait til it comes out. Excellent character betrayal.
- Mrs. Chonta Minick
It Aint Easy Bein' Queen, is a wonderful book. It shows a real representation of true sisterhood. And you're able to see that there is no such thing as a perfect woman. It took me on an amazing emotional rollercoaster. I loved it, would definitely suggest all women to buy this book.
- Bria Rachelle


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About the Author
ChelleyB is a poet, fiction writer and child advocate. Her passion is to uplift and encourage any heart that is beating but broken. Her novels give awareness to all that have fallen and struggled with the thought of getting back up.



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