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The Developer: Phase II (Building on Bravado) by Stephen P. Bye

The Developer: Phase II (Building on Bravado)

by Stephen P. Bye

440 pages
As the sequel to “The Developer”, Alexander Kellogg continues his quest to build iconic office buildings using bravado and deceit, clashing with multiple foes and allying with strategic enablers to enhance his reputation.

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Category: Fiction:Thriller
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About the Book
The sequel to “The Developer” begins on New Years’ Eve in 1979, as Alexander Kellogg reflects on conquering his challenges from the prior eighteen months. Also known as Xander and Mr. X, Kellogg continues his quest to build iconic office buildings using bravado and deceit, clashing with his project lenders, competitors, partners, leasing brokers, and government authorities. With his zeal to become the dominant office developer in Denver, Mr. X takes on multiple projects, straining his capital resources, ultimately leading to collaborating with suspicious partners, enablers, and lenders. Xander is also haunted with incessant threats linking him to an unsolved murder.

The narrative looks back on several events and characters introduced in “The Developer”. The story covers a time frame from 1980 through early 1983, when Denver, Colorado became a major hub for oil exploration and explosive business growth, fueling the demand for office building development. In addition to various real estate schemes, the storyline is intertwined with crime, including two murders, creating elements of suspense throughout the novel. The plot also introduces the chaotic period when Savings and Loans became aggressive commercial property lenders, creating an opportunity for Kellogg to buy an insolvent thrift institution to finance his own projects.

There are a significant number of characters incorporated in the novel, strategically interacting with Alexander Kellogg, covering family relationships, business and real estate connectors, political allies, and his romantic partners. The significant use of dialogue moves the story at a fast pace.


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About the Author
"The Developer Phase II" is the third novel written by Stephen P. Bye and is a sequel to “The Developer”, published in 2020. In 2018, he published his first novel, “Looking Forward Through the Rear View Mirror”. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and Professional Authors Alliance (PAA). Before his retirement in 2017, Steve Bye’s career was focused on arranging capital for large commercial real estate projects across the United States.



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