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Global Shamanic Energy Work by Don Chapin, PhD

Global Shamanic Energy Work

by Don Chapin, PhD

284 pages
Choice #1: I don’t claim to be a Shaman but for 30 years I have been “borrowing” shamanic techniques, also being gifted with the ability to “see” or “know” what results on other planes. This is a synopsis.

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About the Book
The power of the mind is awesome! In applying shamanic principles in two exorcisms, before starting a shamanic Healing Earth group as noted herein, Don was “told” that it was “time” to make this information, along with many other topics coming through many other people, available to the general public. The second exorcism being of a negatively-oriented ET, Don began an “ET search” encouraged by his late wife’s channeled Eternity Series (Chapters 7-10) in volume five of the Light Path Resources book series “Life Through Creating Mastership on Earth” of her prodigious book series that led to exploding existing dyed-in-the-wool anthropological theories. The evidence is everywhere anyone cares to investigate.


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About the Author
Don Chapin, PhD After a professional career in aerospace (systems) engineering and a personal interest in metaphysics and spiritual development, Don wound up as an ordained minister with three websites and publishing eleven spiritualized books from his late wife’s channeling, then three of his own (to date) based on uncommon experiences.



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