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by J. R. Pickens

304 pages
Madison Newman is a girl with a secret. Struggling to understand her place in Godís plan, Madison is allowed to bless others in a powerful way. When her secret is revealed, a startled world regards her with suspicion and fear.

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Category: Fiction:Christian
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About the Book
Madison Newman is a young girl with a secret, one she hides even from her parents. Moved by the Holy Spirit to touch people's lives in a powerful way, the teenager hopes to remain anonymous and live a normal life. Madison soon comes to realize that she's been prepared for an even greater work; one that she fears will take her away from her family and change her life forever.

When traveling faith-healer, Russell Stillman, witnesses Madison perform a miracle, he sees an opportunity worth a fortune. The cunning con-artist goes to dangerous lengths, and risks everything to learn the girl's secret and use it to his advantage.

Reluctant to leave home, yet understanding that God's will cannot be postponed indefinitely, Madison struggles with knowing how to explain to her parents what she's experienced in the spirit. That decision is taken out of her hands when, on one fateful night, Madison's secret is spectacularly and publicly revealed to a world that turns against her in suspicion and fear. When spiritual forces of darkness threaten to tear her family apart, Madison realizes she cannot turn away from what God has called her to do.

This is the first book of the exciting, "Second Acts," trilogy.



About the Author
A lifelong resident of California, author J. R. Pickens divides his time between his family, his church, and his keyboard. He claims he gets his best ideas while washing dishes, and has taken to keeping a notebook and pen nearby so he can jot down scenes and ideas.



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