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Dark Kingdom by Robert Fitzpatrick

Dark Kingdom

by Robert Fitzpatrick

196 pages
"Dark Kingdom" traces the development of Satan's kingdom from its start in the Garden of Eden to its eventual destruction in the near future.

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Category: Religion:Christianity:End Times
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About the Book
This is Robert Fitzpatrickís third book dealing with Biblical revelations concerning the end of salvation and the period immediately preceding the return of the Lord Jesus. It will open your eyes to the meaning of large portions of scripture that theologians have misunderstood for centuries.

The Bible reveals that Satan's kingdom has undergone several major transformations over the course of human history. But, the verses revealing these changes have not been correctly explained in any Biblical commentaries you may find. "Dark Kingdom" will guide you to understand the true meaning of these scriptures, mainly found in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

"Dark Kingdom" follows "A Little Book of God's Mercy" and "Lazarus Revealed," and completes Mr. Fitzpatrick's trilogy. It is a study of verses revealing Godís dominion over Satan and all spiritual evil as His salvation plan unfolds from beginning to end.


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About the Author
Mr. Fitzpatrick regularly writes about the Bible. He currently lives in Hawaii on the island of Kauai.



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