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When Grace Stoops! by DR. BUKOLA OLUWADE

When Grace Stoops!


52 pages
When grace stoops for you, you have rest from fighting. You relax while you see victories being delivered to you without raising a sword or any weapons of warfare. God has the power to open prison doors.

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About the Book
Grace gives clarity to lifeís challenges, persecution, condemnation, judgment, and adversity. When you choose to walk the path of grace you choose life. Your daily striving for victory will be futile if you do not have the required grace. In the world where people are unjustly condemned, judged, hated, abused, used, and dumped on regularly, life is full of struggles and everyone is competing for acceptance. Cheers and accolades can no longer be trusted in this age and time because the same people who cheer you today may come after you tomorrow and nail you to the cross.


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About the Author
DR. BUKOLA OLUWADE BUKOLA B OLUWADE is an ordained minister and a preacher with a passion to connect families through her addiction to effective and ceaseless prayers. She has a PhD in Health Economics from Southern University and A&M College in United States. Bukola is married to Bolude Oluwade (MD), the presiding pastor of RCCG Dominion Palace in Gonzales, LA. USA. They are blessed with a glorious Son, Oluwatimilehin Miracle and numerous spiritual children.



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