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DEAD LAWYERS by Judith Ayn


by Judith Ayn

248 pages
DEAD LAWYERS, is a humorous mystery set in the fictional world of Cheater's Lake, Washington. Local lawyers are dropping like flies, bodies turn up in unlikely settings and others connected to the legal biz disappear! Read on!

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Cozy
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About the Book
Agnes Perkins had never seen her boss naked.

And so begins DEAD LAWYERS, the first full-length book in the Pacific Northwest mystery series set in the fictional world of Cheater's Lake, Washington.

Not only is Attorney Frank Ferris naked, he is also very, very dead.

Soon, more lawyers begin dropping like flies, bodies turn up in unlikely settings, and others connected to the legal biz mysteriously disappear.

Cheater's Lake is rocketed into national news and dubbed "The Town That Kills Its Lawyers!" Could there be a serial killer at work, one who specializes in offing lawyers?

Homicide Detective Mark Walsh heads up the investigations. Still considered a "new" transfer from Phoenix, he must weather small town politics and decades old secrets in his quest for the truth.

In addition, top of the suspects list are three legal assistants who meet each Friday for dinner and to plot the demise of their hated attorney bosses. One of them has killed before.

Can Walsh get to the bottom of the pile of dead lawyers and find their killer or killers?

Can he clear the three women?

What about his love life?

And where does the Delite family, founders of Cheater's Lake, fit into the picture?

Discover why Mayor Delite wanted to hire Detective Walsh and Police Chief Riley didn't, as Walsh chips away at what is really going on in Cheater's Lake.

And check out the tea-drinking detective and his two delightful rescue cats, Fred and Ethel, in the series' prequel novella, MURDER AT THE NO-KILL ANIMAL SHELTER.

Button up your raincoat, grab your umbrella and enjoy the ride!


"The storytelling in this novel is compelling...the premise is creative and fresh."
- Booklife, Publishers Weekly


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About the Author
Judith Ayn Judith Ayn is a retired attorney living in Southern California. She created the fictional world of Cheater's Lake, Washington, as therapy for her decades in the legal profession from legal secretary to prosecuting attorney and finally law school professor. Humor and two rescue cats keep her grounded. Welcome to Cheater's Lake!



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