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DARK GOES THE STAGE by Lance S. Barron


by Lance S. Barron

262 pages
A giant pharmaceutical company sponsors Mammoth Cave National Park with terrific changes. An informal tour of a former guide and a current guide reveal clues to a kidnapping and eventually plans for stealing a dangerous bacterium.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
When the pharmaceutical giant PharmARAMA sponsors Mammoth Cave National Park, a former seasonal cave guide dreams that the cave is in distress and calls him to come immediately. Walt and Barbara visit Bob and Zona in Cave City, Kentucky, where Bob will take Walt on a tour of the cave to assess the threat from PharmARAMA. Before they can get to the cave, Bob is drafted to replace a missing cave guide Bill. While Walt hitchhikes on Kevenís Historic tour, jumps to walk the Lantern tour alone, and hitches up with Bob at the end of his Historic tour, he unknowingly sees clues regarding Billís disappearance. Bob pulls all the clues together and leads the small crew to find Bill before the rogue research director for PharmARAMA can do away with him.

Once rescued, Bill reveals that he is working undercover for the Armyís infectious disease research group and that W.G. Anderson is planning to steal a dangerous, gene-splicing bacterium from under the noses of the Park Service and PharmARAMA. Drugged, dehydrated, and concussed, Bill is in no shape to thwart the theft alone. The team organizes support for Billís operation in advance of the too-late arrival of Billís Army unit. Can a group of former guides, nearly retired guides, spouses, and friends catch the PharmARAMA research director red-handed?


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About the Author
Lance S. Barron finished his four-year enlistment in the U.S. Air Force in April 1976. That June he began the best job of his life: seasonal cave guide at Mammoth Cave National Park. He lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his best friend and wife, Barbara.



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