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Earth Speaks by Pamela Kribbe

Earth Speaks

by Pamela Kribbe

118 pages
Channeled messages from mother Earth by Pamela Kribbe

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Have you ever considered the possibility that Earth is alive and has a consciousness of her own? If so, wouldn't you want to know what Earth has to tell us about who she is and about who we are? In this book you will find messages from Earth, which Pamela Kribbe has received through channeling. Earth speaks about the living consciousness that is present in plants and animals and invites people to reconnect with nature. Above all, she beckons us to come home to our own nature. By thinking and controlling less, and trusting our original, feeling nature, we will create more joy and balance in our lives.


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About the Author
Pamela Kribbe Pamela Kribbe (PhD) is a writer and therapist living in The Netherlands. She is the author of The Jeshua Channelings, which has been published in over fifteen languages. She offers workshops all over the world about the transition from ego-based to heart based consciousness.



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