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GOD IS THE BOOM: Book Two by Gwynevere A Lamb


by Gwynevere A Lamb

358 pages
God is the Boom picks up where Jesus is the Beam left off. A theory of everything is explored from the lens of the grand unified formula revealed in book one. It crescendos to Christ's cross where the crucifixion is explained using quantum mechanics.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
God is the Boom is the 2nd volume in Lamb’s book series (beginning with Jesus is the Beam) in which the theory of everything is further explored by examining the “foods” for thought set before us on the table of life while continuing the journey of the author’s adventurous crash course in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Jesus is the Beam unified the forces of nature into one grand unified force even a 2nd grader could understand by dissecting the forces to a pre-mathematical state. God is the Boom stays the course of elementary thought processes as it examines the atomic heart of the force and the need to know truth from non-truth as it de-threads the blanket of space around us (the fabric of our comforter may be icky and make us itchy). From energy frequencies to conspiracy theories, God is the Boom endeavors to anatomize the human condition in response to truth from lies (especially in view of the “new normal” reset caused by the global pandemic paradigm). It climaxes to the familiar story of Christ’s crucifixion as it unveils and adheres to the untold simple quantum mechanical function of that miraculous event of Jesus on the cross 2000 years ago.


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About the Author
Gwynevere Lamb started her life's journey in Seoul, South Korea, where she was born. From there, she and her family moved to San Diego, CA, and then migrated to Denver, CO. Her journey [with God] took her to many places before she returned to Colorado where she calls home.



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