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JESUS IS THE BEAM: Book One by Gwynevere A Lamb


by Gwynevere A Lamb

334 pages
Jesus is the Beam unifies the four standard forces (electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force) into one simple equation joined with a simple explanation as the author shares her life's journey and supernatural discovery.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Decades ago, Stephen Hawking had predicted that an acceptable equation to a grand unified theory would arrive by the year 2020. He was right! Jesus is the Beam is an autobiography brimming with philosophical ideas from a supernatural journey with God and an unquenchable desire to know the fundamental truth about our origin. The origin of not just our own species, but to know the truth about the spark of life and the energy which sustains it. Gwynevere Lamb challenges all conventional theories of everything as she presents an intuitive pre-numerical formula to the four standard forces of energy and all life as we know it, re-illustrating time and space. She slices in half the nucleus of our reality with a nuclear knife without the need of an atom smasher! Finally a simple, sensible, and satisfactory equation to a grand unified field even a 2nd grader can understand!

The author's journey continues in her 2nd installment, God is the Boom, as she dissects truth from fiction (in light of her grand unified equation) in all things (from scientific discoveries to human behaviors), giving new meaning to the theory of everything. The story climbs to an epic ending summing up both books on the summit of Mount Calvary as she explains the purpose of the cross of Jesus Christ in quantum mechanical terms.

The author has a knack of explaining continuums of time and space as well as parental discipline. She makes math and science (to include particle physics) understandable to persons without any scientific background by painting pictures with her words as well as thrilling readers with adventurous real-life-stories. Gwynevere Lamb (using the poetry of math and science) stitches the fabric of time and space to earth, air, water, and fire and just about everything else. She explains how the “Fire of God” becomes hellfire in sub-atomic scenarios. On the other end of the spectrum she paints a picture of love flowing like living water. She offers a myriad of continuums not exclusive to particle physics. She seamlessly threads the needle to include human life sciences and social and political ideas commonly taught in todays media-driven pop paradigm set by our modern new age culture. She leaves the reader with an acute awareness of what the singularity is, what unified purification is, and why it is central to our existence.

Jesus is the Beam and God is the Boom was originally written as one manuscript. Dividing them into two separate books was initially a concern for the author because she did not want her readers to miss the climax at the end of the story. She came to terms with the “separation” after realizing that Jesus is the Beam rests on God is the Boom (literally), thereby making it a blessing in disguise. She is confident readers will be enamored at the end of the first book and equally eager to pick up the second with anticipation. Gwynevere Lamb believes her readers will be satisfied and “well fed” after consuming both books, however, a third and fourth installment are already in the making… in the writing.


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About the Author
Gwynevere Lamb started her life's journey in Seoul, South Korea, where she was born. From there, she and her family moved to San Diego, CA, and then migrated to Denver, CO. Her journey [with God] took her to many places before she returned to Colorado where she calls home.



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