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B Troop: One wrong word turned a Dakota winter into hell. by James A. Janke

B Troop: One wrong word turned a Dakota winter into hell.

by James A. Janke

226 pages
Corporal John Taylor, one of “Custer’s avengers,” is bored and lonely. But his life and that of B Troop explodes in violence and tragedy when a single ill-chosen word by the local Indian agent sends a reservation’s Sioux people on a desperate dash for Canada during a brutal Dakota winter, relentlessly pursued by a determined cavalry column.

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About the Book
November, 1879, Dakota Territory. Corporal John Taylor, one of “Custer’s avengers,” is bored and lonely at Fort Grummond, a small, isolated outpost associated with a Lakota Sioux reservation. Any glimpse of Jeannie Scheid, the beautiful 17-year-old daughter of the Indian agent, Orville Scheid, exacerbates his frustration.

Scheid insists the Indian children learn English. Chief Stone Bear refuses. Scheid blunders and uses a single, ill-chosen word that terrifies the reservation’s people. The Sioux kill some troopers and agency employees, kidnap Scheid’s family, and launch a desperate attempt to flee to Canada. Major Nelson Prescott conducts an equally desperate mission to stop them.

Taylor’s life and that of B Troop explodes in violence and tragedy. Pursuit by the cavalry is relentless, but the resistance of the Sioux is persistent and resourceful. All in the teeth of a brutal winter that grinds down both pursuers and pursued.

A climactic confrontation erupts at the Missouri River, shy of the Canadian border. Taylor rescues Jeannie, and he learns a lot more about the young woman, the Sioux, the Army, and himself.

Ride along with Taylor and his set of four – Sean O’Dea, Linus Skinner, Hans Klausmeyer, and himself – and B Troop during this epic struggle.


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About the Author
James A. Janke Jim Janke is fascinated by 19th Century American history, especially the West and the Civil War. He has an extensive library on both subjects. He regularly visits Civil War battlefields and museums in the East and travels frequently throughout the West, finding inspiration and authenticity for his absorbing novels.



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