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Duel at Hampton Roads: Book Two - A Gavin MacKenzie Civil War Naval Adventure by James A. Janke

Duel at Hampton Roads: Book Two - A Gavin MacKenzie Civil War Naval Adventure

by James A. Janke

380 pages
Passed Midshipman Gavin MacKenzie joins the USS Cumberland in March 1862 in Hampton Roads, Virginia, in time for her destruction by the former USS Merrimack, converted into the powerful Confederate ironclad, the CSS Virginia. And he is in the turret of the USS Monitor when the two ironclads revolutionize naval warfare.

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About the Book
Union Passed Midshipman Gavin MacKenzie, fresh from the capture of Roanoke Island, is still on the USS Delaware operating on North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound when it is ambushed on the Chowan River at Winton. An action which the town soon regrets.

He is the Navy liaison in Elizabeth City when the Army paroles prisoners captured on Roanoke Island. And he manages to reconnect with Rebecca Franklin, the enticing but fiery staunch supporter of the Confederacy.

He is transferred to the USS Cumberland in Hampton Roads, Virginia, a magnificent natural harbor and the key to the Virginia Peninsula. He gets to know well his four steerage messmates and all parts of the razee sailing sloop-of-war, from stem to stern, from the hold to the mainmast truck. But it is not long before the Cumberland is destroyed by the former USS Merrimack, converted by the Confederates into the powerful steam-powered ironclad, the CSS Virginia.

MacKenzie’s having fought on the Cumberland makes him valuable to the USS Monitor. He is in her turret the next day when the Monitor challenges the Merrimack/Virginia for supremacy of the Roads.

Join Gavin MacKenzie in the hell of the two-day Civil War battle that revolutionized naval warfare.


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About the Author
James A. Janke Jim Janke is fascinated by 19th Century American history, especially the West and the Civil War. He has an extensive library on both subjects. He travels frequently throughout the West and regularly visits Civil War battlefields and museums in the East, finding inspiration and authenticity for his absorbing novels.



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