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The Widowed Warlock by H. M. Sanders

The Widowed Warlock

by H. M. Sanders

2512 pages
Max, a weekend warlock, loses his beloved wife but gains the friendship of a mysterious New Witch. Max has to return to his ancestral home and ends up in the middle of intrigue and a hunt for a dangerous daemon. Can the New Witch help Max unravel the web of deceit?

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
Max is perfectly happy. A health inspector by day, a warlock on the weekends. But then, his wife dies, after Max enlists a team of magical specialists that should have prevented her demise. His dreams turn into nightmares, his wife's soul trapped.

And Max, out of touch with his own magical world, finds help in the unlikeliest of places...a New Witch with remarkable powers, hidden for 50 years, who comes with a mystery all her own. They join forces to uncover not only his wife's untimely death but also the New Witch's secret and terrifying past.


"Harry Potter for grown ups. Harry Potter with sex. I was most impressed with the author's ability to concretise magical places and spells - lots of vivid sensory details for a wild number of magical abilities and worlds. I loved the Island of the Dragons' graves. And there was lots of food, which I always enjoy. I would have married Max for his cooking alone. I also think the author did a good job of taking his grief seriously, something fantasy novels don't always accomplish or even bother to try. So the book was fun, but serious. Serious fun."
- Karen Joy Fowler


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About the Author
Helen MacKay Sanders is the author of The Ringmaker, her first fantasy work in a cycle of six novels, and the Widowed Warlock, the first book in a separate cycle of novels.

Helen worked at Microsoft for 10 years, and then moved to the San Juan Islands to devote herself primarily to writing. When she's not side-tracked by binge-watching Game of Thrones, or arguing about the meaning of the word "trope" with other island writers, Helen also tends a small herd of chickens and plays bagpipes with a competition pipe and drum band in Canada.



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