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THE RINGMAKER by H. M. Sanders


by H. M. Sanders

202 pages
A dragon changeling, imprisoned by a rival, faces damage done to her in captivity as well as the knowledge that she is a changeling in a world where magic is evil. She frees herself from her captor's madness, but not before he summons the most dangerous dragon in the world.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
This is the story of the Ringmaker, a woman working to harness the power-hungry will of her Tundin peopleís Council for the greater good of all, though she bears the stigma of Namelessness (she is a dragon changeling). When she is abducted in a political coup, she becomes the target of a madman, also a dragon changeling, who seeks to unbind the fabric of the world with lost and potent magic. She escapes his prison, but not his psychological torment.

On her journey to confront her captor, the Ringmaker meets a fellow traveler who has also suffered losses and who must come to grips with his greatest fear: his fatherís hidden legacy. Together, they craft a love from loss, and grief, and the Ringmaker unlocks a treasure trove of her own gifts as she comes to terms with her tormentorís villainy, and confronts him in a dream-time landscape for the final harrowing conclusion.


Really Good Writing!

I was surprised by how good this book was. It's my favorite kind of fantasy, the kind that has something to say about the real world while letting you into a fresh and vivid story with strong and complex characters (including Sauvir, who can transform herself into a dragon!) The plot is fast moving and the writing is strong and not predictable, i got the sense of a rich and complete world with animals and cultures and languages of its own although the author uniquely uses a kind of primitive Pacific Northwest landscape as the base for the journey, sort of in the way Tolkien references England. As a person living in the Pacific Northwest, I love the feeling of a place being strange yet familiar. The good vs evil is predictable, but it starts with the idea that magic, which used to be a common part of the world, has disappeared, and this is a race to see who will reawaken it, and who will control it, and for what ends. In that way it sort of reminded me of the race to create the atomic bomb during WWII, to solve the riddle, find the answer, and it pits Sauvir against her enemy and mirror image, Agadittur. Just enough politics to be interesting, but mostly it's about the relationship between the three main characters and especially about Sauvir's and Belador's efforts to accept who they really are, as they race to a final showdown. Definitely good reading.
- Karen Fisher, Author, A Sudden Country
Ringmaker: power trip

Ringmaker taps into one of the primary fears women face- fear of their own power. No spoilers here, but after reading this book, I want my own inner-dragon.
- Laurie Parker, Producer, Clementine Films


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About the Author
Helen MacKay Sanders has been writing fantasy novels for 10 years; The Ringmaker is her first self-published book in a series of six. She is also a competitive piper and has competed in solo and pipe band events in Canada and the Pacific Northwest for 20 years.



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