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by Janet Krokson

314 pages
A serial murderer is at work in Hakkas Falls, a small town in northern Wisconsin. At each murder scene a cryptic note is left by the killer, but police are stymied by the message. The eventual identity of the murderer comes as a shock to both police and the general public. How the murderer evades apprehension for the crimes is also a stunner.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery:Cozy
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About the Book
Elderly residents of Hakkas Falls, a small town in northern Wisconsin, are being murdered in cruel and vicious attacks in their own homes. All of the victims are both well known and well liked in the community, and the two-man police force is facing a huge challenge to establish a potential motivation for the killings.

At each murder scene, the killer leaves a note, apparently intended as a clue, but police and FBI behavioral analysis profilers can glean nothing from the notes that serves to move the case forward…the messages serve only to link the cases together and establish that a serial killer is at work in Hakkas Falls. Worse, absolutely no forensics evidence can be found at any of the murder scenes to offer authorities even a scintilla of investigatory value.

A small group of long-time residents, members of the Little Old Ladies (LOL) Club, discuss the murders during their daily get-togethers and eventually collaborate with law enforcement authorities to offer theories and suggest possible directions in which the police investigation might go.

An arrest is finally made…but the killings continue and in fact escalate. Police come to believe that more than one killer could be at work.

A stash of money, a discovery about the notes left at each scene, and facts related to a long-ago event eventually intersect to point investigators toward another potential killer.

Police set a trap into which the killer unwittingly wanders, and the true killer is finally apprehended, the identity of the murderer coming as a shock to both police and the community’s public. This tale includes a large cast of interesting characters and takes many unique twists and unexpected turns, making this a truly thrilling tale of suspense and intrigue.



About the Author
Janet Krokson For nearly 40 years, Janet Krokson edited and published community newspapers in northern Wisconsin. She recently turned to writing fiction. Krokson resides in Spooner, Wisconsin, where she enjoys the woods, water, and wildlife of northern Wisconsin.



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