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NOTHING IS PERMANENT by Jo Singel and Don Singel


by Jo Singel and Don Singel

154 pages
NOTHING IS PERMANENT is the thought leadership of Jo and Don Singel as they thoughtfully and powerfully share their life experiences in dealing with change and the strategies they share to live a full and meaningful life regardless of the conditions and circumstances that we all encounter.

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About the Book
NOTHING IS PERMANENT will provide you with practical wisdom, and important and valuable takeaways, lessons learned, strategies and tactics for navigating life's ups and downs, most especially, in our world of constant and rapid change.

There are gems to be found here. Some obvious and some not so obvious as Don and I move actively through the material as we lived it during our major year of transition.

We share our philosophy on our topic as well as take deep dives into aspects of relationships and redefining myths and unexamined beliefs with regards to permanence and impermanence of life and all that we come to count upon whether that be our jobs, families or relationships.


SO VERY SATISFIED with reading this book that I immediately broke into writing my review ( oh and by the way, I wrote it in RED erasable ink...some foreshadowing for you). Don and Jo Singel, with quite different writing styles, challenge the reader with self reflection in a very big way. If you are currently in a state of doubt, you will be satisfied with the book's vast 'lessons learned'. If you are looking at a wall right now, whether a professional one or personal, like Humpty Dumpty you will find comfort in moving the wall, climbing the wall or simply acknowledging its existence and contemplating an action plan to address " THE WALL". The vignettes, profound chapters and short passages will delight you. Please do reward yourself with this read as you will find yourself doggy ear'ing pages from the top and the bottom of the page for future reference and at the end of the book, encouraged and liberated to ACT!
- Enza Carone


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About the Author
Jo and Don Singel have shared decades of experiences as life and business partners. They raised a family, built businesses and worked in corporate organizations. Their life's work is to share what they know and learned about creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.



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