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WEST ALONG THE RIVER 3: Stories from the Connecticut River Valley and Elsewhere by David Brule

WEST ALONG THE RIVER 3: Stories from the Connecticut River Valley and Elsewhere

by David Brule

408 pages
The third in a compilation of observations on the changing seasons, encounters with memorable wildlife and village characters. These stories are populated with tales of witches, wild log drives on the Connecticut river, poignant stories from adventures in Old Russia, summers in France and Spain, essays on Native American history and resurgence.

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Category: History:American Indians
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About the Book
West along the River 3 is a five-year compilation of essays and musings on the nature and history of the middle Connecticut River Valley.

These essays draw on the lore and oral histories of local characters in the many surrounding villages, including tales from the wild days of river log drives, several infamous and lingering memories of local witchery, a hometown hero from the early days of Red Sox baseball, whimsical observations of the earliest days on the New England frontier of the 1700's.

The author recounts poignant adventures of summers in France and Brittany, wanderings through the countryside of Ireland and Spain, his return to his ancestral home on the banks of the Millers River in western Massachusetts.

Several chapters record the renewal of Native American presence in this region, and serve as a source of record, describing the ground-breaking work undertaken by local communities and tribes to uncover the multiple perspectives on events that occurred in this region during King Philip's War.

This eclectic anthology of nature writings, dwelling somewhere on the boundaries of poetry and prose, provides a calm and zen-like sanctuary for the reader. Some have chosen to read the essays aloud, and others, to escape the intrusive nature of the daily news cycle, choose to set aside time to read these stories during moments of quiet reflection.


"David Brule is a masterful story-teller who knows how to see what really exists in the bend of the river, the tracks in the woods. These resonant sketches continually remind us that we need again to open our own eyes and ears to the marvels and mysteries present in our everyday surroundings."
- Chris Sawyer-Laucanno, author
"Sense of place is synonymous with the center of Brule's writing...the author adeptly ties what are only apparently loose ends superbly into an exchange of knowing smiles to craft his vision with an aesthetically resilient quotable prose style."
- Wally Swist, New England poet


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About the Author
David Brule DAVID BRULE--teacher, linguist, time-traveler--returned to his ancestral home in Massachusetts after Peace Corps service in North Africa. Deeply involved in land preservation, he's considered a poetic observer of his natural surroundings. As a descendant of the Nehantic Indian Tribe, he is active in the indigenous resurgence in the Connecticut River Valley.



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