Author: Todd Howey
Format: Paperback
Pages: 232
Paperback Price: $17.95
Be A S.P.U.D. (Same Person Up or Down) Be selfless; an encourager; a mentor; a superhero; a dream maker; a role model; a difference maker. Love unconditionally and be the right person at the right time in someone's life. Be A S.P.U.D.
Author: Mitchell R. Waite, Ph.D.
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 266
Hardcover Price: $30.95
Dr. Waite hopes this book will provide more clarity on the topic of leadership. Dr. Waite thoughtfully analyzes fifteen of the top leadership attributes in the world today and carefully weighs them against 29 historical leaders in order to gain more insight into the best practices in hiring and promotional processes.
Author: Jo Singel
Format: Paperback
Pages: 140
Paperback Price: $15.99
The material presented in this book is a call to action and a rationale for a new leadership paradigm to emerge and one that addresses the current reality as well as the future one. It provides the rationale, background and scope of systemic transformation needed for leading the world forward.
Author: Bret Allan Anderson
Formats: Ebook | Paperback
Pages: 354
Ebook Price: $9.99
Paperback Price: $19.99
There will always be a need for excellent school leaders. Bret Anderson is one of these, as his career shows. In Urban Principal: Leadership Lessons, Anderson shares what he has learned as an educator, leader and long term administrator.
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