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MY ANGEL ENCOUNTERS by Charles Pefinis


by Charles Pefinis

226 pages
Finally proof that God exists. Law of Physics made moot.

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Category: Religion
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About the Book
This book, My Angel Encounters, finally provides proof that angels and God do exist. How do 20+ items leave Baltimore and arrive at Los Angeles intact, making the Law of Physics moot!

How about a $50,000 check that was on a desk at nine pm on 9-15-16 vanish along with a large checkbook. The checkbook returned 10 days later, the check is still gone.

How about a slate flagstone in the ground for 40 years vanish, leaving a 40-year-old depression in the soil.

Or a picture of Jesus Christ on a magnet on a fridge, being "captured" a week later after the food was eaten, the tiny paper from a Chinese cookie stated, "There is the prospect of a thrilling time ahead of you."

Or in 2015 on Palm Sunday, the author's cell phone which he ALWAYS has on him for security reasons being 90 years old, vanishes, then when it reappears, it is in the author's coat pocket and is ICE COLD.

Or on 12-19-11, as the author is returning some items for credit at a supermarket, a small bottle of honey in a container of a bear, appears in his grocery cart. He still owns the bear container.


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About the Author
Charles Pefinis has an unbelievable story to tell. It is his encounters with an angel in WWII, later as a business owner and recently as an author. The book has colored pictures of happenings and describes how last Palm Sunday, his lost cell reappears ICE cold in his in his coat pocket.



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