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by Ethel Kouba

234 pages
humorous mystery series, southern heroine, beach read

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
In Strangeness in Sleaufort, Bixie Lee Biddle is knee deep in the cleaning of left-over Christmas decorations at the courthouse. Her co-workers are all buzz with talk of the upcoming Sweetheart Ball. Meanwhile in Bogue Swamp, four strange individuals plan Bixie’s death. Their leader is Miss Thomas, not so dead after all. Somehow, the evil woman has escaped from her reported demise in Secrets of Sleaufort.

Bixie is sweetheart free, but hopeful. Interesting men are everywhere. The courthouse health screening promises its share of hot doctors. Instead of meeting Dr. Wonderful, Bixie drinks some poisoned coffee and spends an unromantic evening in the emergency room. There is no downtime for the poisoned heroine. The courthouse administration has decided to rent its rooms to civic groups. Bixie meets no Mr. Wonderful, but does have her share of cleaning after Mr. Oinks.

In her spare time, when she is not assisting Jade, her X-rated friend, or listening to her neighbor’s, complaints (and who does not have two grown children best described as parasitic), Bixie hunts for the perfect outfit, just in case, she gets an invitation to the Sweetheart Ball. After all, a mysterious someone is leaving her Valentine poems and flowers. When February 14th comes, will Bixie spend the night dancing with her prince, or will the Thomas family, succeed in their plans of putting Bixie in a Valentine’s Day shroud?



About the Author
Ethel Kouba Ethel Kouba is from North Carolina. She attended North Carolina State University and the University of Florida. Strangeness in Sleaufort is the seventh book featuring Bixie Lee Biddle in her adventures in Sleaufort. In another lifetime, she would have been Bixie—but without the cleaning or dead people part.



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