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Pathfinder: The WWII Experiences of RCAF Air-Gunner FO Russell F. Hubley DFC, CD by Bruce Hubley

Pathfinder: The WWII Experiences of RCAF Air-Gunner FO Russell F. Hubley DFC, CD

by Bruce Hubley

136 pages
Experiences of an RCAF Officer in Bomber Command during WWII.

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
These accounts are the real life WWII experiences of RCAF Flying Officer Russell Hubley. From his enlistment to discharge this biography covers his training and details of the many operations which made up more than two full tours. Sixty trips in a war where only one in four aircrews survived even one tour. Told in his own words, in a style meant to show the humour in the daily lives of the aircrews of Bomber Command, it answers such questions as "What is the best way to clean your wedge cap without burning down the barracks?' and 'How did the USAF manage to provide ice-cream to its personal without the need of freezers?'

One of the first D-Day veterans while flying with 431 Iroquois Squadron, FO Hubley and his crew dropped their bombs inside one hour after the official opening of the invasion. Most of his enlistment was spent in 405 Vancouver Squadron, Canada's only Pathfinder squadron flying with the RAF. These stories of now Lt. Col. Hubley DFC, CD (retired) have been compiled and recorded by his son. As one of the few surviving WWII veterans his tale needed telling before it was lost.


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About the Author
Bruce Hubley Bruce Hubley was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the author of the espionage thriller Networks, also published by Booklocker, and currently lives in Halifax with his wife and four rescued dogs.



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