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NETWORKS by Bruce Hubley


by Bruce Hubley

348 pages
Espionage intrigue to stop a biological attack on North America.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
When his network of contacts reports a scheduled clandestine meeting for Quari War and Defense Minister Zindar, CIA field agent Jason Royce decides to investigate. But his investigation turns up more question than answers that show Quari will go to great lengths to protect its secret, including the elimination of anyone trying to unravel the mystery. The Islamic country, with its hatred of the West, has developed a biological weapon and enlisted the aid of a terrorist network to deliver it to North America.

But the secret is being hidden by Colonel Awasi of the Intelligence Directorate, Quari`s best operative, and it will take old fashioned human intelligence gathering ,coupled with a considerable amount of technology, to uncover the details, as well as great danger and personal risk to those attempting to learn the truth. Royce must rush to discover the plan with the help of a trio of super hackers, known as Cyberspace Tracers, who possess a mastery of the internet. Now these three networks will clash or combine as one side attempts to accomplish, and the other to prevent, a biological attack on North America which could decimate the population. The cunning and ruthlessness of Quari and the terrorist cells may be more than a match for the skills and resourcefulness of the American defences and the best Tracers on the planet, as the body count rises into seven figures.

Ultimately, everyone realizes that, however it ends, only one side will survive.

With its plot twists and action Networks is an all too real scenario of how vulnerable we are to scientists and enemies with imagination.


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About the Author
Bruce Hubley has degrees in Business and Law from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Computer Industries Association A+ Certified Field Service Technician. He currently lives in Halifax with his wife and several rescued dogs whose number vary over time.



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