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IF BEING A CONSERVATIVE WERE EASY There Wouldn't Be Any Liberals: Rants, Ravings and Ruminations from a Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy by Stephen Guy Hardin

IF BEING A CONSERVATIVE WERE EASY There Wouldn't Be Any Liberals: Rants, Ravings and Ruminations from a Member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

by Stephen Guy Hardin

252 pages
Contemporary conservative political commentary and satire

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
If Being A Conservative Were Easy... is a collection of essays and published pieces from the political front lines of the timeless struggle between liberals and conservatives on the battlefield of American politics.

I am an American and I love my country.I am a life-long conservative. I am a "peace through strength" guy.

My heroes are Washington, Lincoln, Limbaugh and of course Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Wilson Reagan was the first president I voted for and I would vote for him still.

I believe in The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

I believe that the Republican and Democrat parties are evolving or should I say morphing into a giant monolith whose only reason for existence is job security during their elected tenure and riches after they leave office. In point of fact I have become so disillusioned with my own political party over the past several years that it has been a close call as to whether I should just become an independent conservative.

Close call, indeed.

I am not alone in feeling isolated and left out of a system that was created to be representative of the people. Instead the system has become the oppressor of the people who voted it into being.

I am foremost an American who has read enough of the history of the founding of this country to know that what is going on in Washington D.C. is not what George Washington and the gang had in mind.

I take my politics seriously, which is why I use humor, if that’s what you call it, to communicate my political convictions. It has proven cheaper than the legal fees for that nasty assault and battery charge filed by the Mondale campaign... well, never mind. I didn't realize using a 12 volt air horn during a politician’s speech was such a big deal. I am sorry for Mr. Mondale's permanent hearing loss, but he's an old liberal anyway, so where's the harm.

But, I digress.

My wife is constantly telling me I'm not as funny as I think I am. She may be right.

In the famous words of Richard Nixon, “In humor there is truth." Well, I think Nixon said it, but I could be wrong on that.

Or in the immortal words of that great American statesman, Groucho Marx,"Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?"

Welcome to the party. We've been waiting for you.


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About the Author
Stephen Guy Hardin was abandoned as an infant during the time of Eisenhower. Found wandering behind an A&W Root Beer drive in by a pack of wolves, he was adopted into their pack.

Mr. Hardin bases his writings on his years wandering with the wolves.



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