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Democrats Invade Mars by Stephen Guy Hardin

Democrats Invade Mars

by Stephen Guy Hardin

216 pages
Conservative political commentary, observations and satire

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Category: Politics
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About the Book
With all the media coverage of Mars exploration, Mars space missions, life on Mars, pyramids on Mars, water on Mars, alien colonies on Mars and Mars in general, it will only be a matter of time before the radical Left, otherwise known as the Democrat Party, will try and find a way to use Mars for their own nefarious schemes.

Nefarious schemes, indeed.

Mars is the only place left to the practitioners of the greatest failed political system in history to ply their trade. Contrary to the prevalent liberal opinion, socialism will fail just as ingloriously on Mars as it has on Earth. But when has the assuredness of failure ever stopped a Democrat?

Though I must admit, the thought of spaceships full of Leftists hurling towards the Red planet in the hope of colonizing it in the name of Karl Marx holds a certain appeal to me. Of course, not enough appeal as the thought of them crashing into the Martian surface with a loud, resounding thud.

But, I digress.

Welcome to the party. We've been waiting for you.


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About the Author
Stephen Guy Hardin bases his political viewpoints and writings upon his many years wandering with the wolves.

This is the follow up to Commies On Parade and If Being a Conservative Were Easy There Wouldn't Be Any Liberals.



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