Trial Book Q&A

What are Trial Books?
BookLocker's Trial Books are a way for readers to investigate a new author's work without having to spend any money. Readers simply download a PDF file containing the first 3/4ths of the book – more than enough to see if you like the author's writing. If you do, our hope is you'll come back and buy the full book and support the author's work.
Why are you giving away so much of the book for free?
A big hurdle to purchasing a book by a new author is, in fact, that the book and author are unknown. By giving away much of the book for free, BookLocker gets rid of this hurdle – allowing readers to explore, without fear of wasting their money, the works of new authors. If readers like a Trial Book, they can support the author by purchasing the complete book in ebook or print format.
How do I read the Trial Books?
Trial Books are just like BookLocker's standard ebooks: straight, unrestricted PDF files. To read them, all you need is Adobe Reader. It installed on hundreds of millions of computers and portable devices already. You probably have it installed already. If not, you can get it for free here.
What are the restrictions on Trial Books?
There are no physical restrictions on the file. You can print it, read it on any device that can view PDF files, copy it as many times as you want, and send it to anyone. There are some legal restrictions, but they are straightforward and should not be a surprise. We are releasing our Trial Books under a Creative Commons License that essentially says you can't change the content of the PDF, sell it, or claim it as your own.
What is the Creative Commons license?
The Creative Commons license is a standard method to define specific uses for creative works.
Is the complete book licensed the same way? Can I share it?
No. The complete book is not distributed under the Creative Commons license. It cannot be shared.