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Imagining Magic by Bill Cosgrove

Imagining Magic

by Bill Cosgrove

342 pages
D.S. Arschloch’s high school girlfriend is pregnant. His solution qualifies him to become a youthful hit man for petty criminal Rocky Conigliaro. But an enterprising, mind reading Kat O’Callahan, her former college professor Cosmo Grove, and the ghost of D.S.’s late girlfriend hook up to try to bring him to a strange kind of justice.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
D. S. Arschloch’s high school girlfriend Billie is pregnant. He trusts to luck that he’ll shoot straight and get away with it when he decides to kill her. He does. But then he meets a psychic-artist with mind-reading power, Kat O’Callahan, who sees him trying to run down her former college professor, Cosmo Grove, on his bike. Kat convinces Cosmo it was deliberate, and together the unlikely professor-psychic pair tracks D.S. into the petty-crime world of Kaposia City.

There a local mobster hires D.S. for a hit job. Using her paranormal abilities, Kat hooks up with the ghost of Billie, and they accompany D.S. during the hit to try to keep him from killing the victim. Violence ensues, blood flows, but ineptness prevails.

Kat and Cosmo then join rumpled Detective Strangler in an uneasy alliance using Kat’s extra-sensory magic and Billie’s ghostly presence to mess with D.S.’s psychopathic mind and punish him for his crimes. Meanwhile, Billie’s parents are planning revenge on D.S. with their own quietly senile versions of medieval tortures, like dismemberment and impalement.


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About the Author
Bill Cosgrove Bill is a dedicated reader and writer, retired year-round biker, avid if not fanatical tennis player, and incorrigible do-it-yourselfer. He remains unrepentant in these commitments. He also conducts origami workshops as Professor Origami, and is a longtime impersonator of Mark Twain in his one-man show An Evening with Mark Twain: ‘The Trouble Begins at Eight.’ 150 Mark Twain one-man shows and counting since 1983 in Minnesota and North Dakota.



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