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My 10 Steps to Christ (My Journey from Mere Christianity) by Douglas Miller

My 10 Steps to Christ (My Journey from Mere Christianity)

by Douglas Miller

144 pages
The book details the steps I took to renew my relationship with Christ. The 10 steps were developed in hind sight, meaning, as I looked back to how I got here, I actualized how it happened. I include stories of my past exposing all… something I would have never done six years ago. I detail each step with conviction, knowing that God has my back.

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About the Book
I had something happen to me that changed my life forever. Because we all wish to share good news, I wanted to acquaint the reader with, where I once was, and my journey to where I am now.

It was an epiphany in March, 2012 that led to a message I received from Jesus. Even though my world changed in March 2012, it was the message nine months later that jump started me into action. I began with discernment and prayer, moved to a self-imposed spiritual direction and began studying scripture. I gained the confidence to help anyone who wanted the same relationship with God, as I have. You will find no preaching in the book, only steps I took... all in my words.

Throughout the book I expose my misgivings and sins to illustrate that it is possible to turn a stubborn, bull headed, human like me to see God's Light.

For years I prayed for a moment like the epiphany. From the instance of my awareness of God's love, I no longer suffer fear, stress, anxiety or sadness. I'm happy everyday while giving God's thanks. I've learned how to love God with all of my heart, mind, and soul; and with all my strength. Grounded in His love, I possess the strength to love all of His creation. There is nothing that can shake me and temptation is much easier to overcome.

I was a mere Christian. I did not follow God's plan. Once I ascertained what God's intentions were, I became a follower of Christ. I haven't looked back. I want people to see the Jesus in me. I hold true that I may be the only Jesus someone might ever meet. Although a tremendous responsibility, knowing that my Lord has my back, I accept the challenge.

If I felt I didn't have a compelling message, I would have never written the book. My sole motivation is to help others.



About the Author
Douglas Miller Doug grew up in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. He entered the United States Navy in 1971, qualified for submarine service and served our country for nine years. Doug, his wife Joyce, married 46 years, and 3 children moved to beautiful Charlotte, NC in 1983. He is retired.



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