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Poet Unfurled by Alberto Maneri

Poet Unfurled

by Alberto Maneri

158 pages
This is a collection of poems written from the perspective of a casual poet. It tries to make poetry easily grasped by the casual reader. Having lived seemingly many lives, the poems span social commentary, environmental issues, love, lust, and life in the inner city.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Poet Unfurled is an unexpected book, especially to me, the author.

I have turned to poetry throughout my life every time there was some event, place, or emotion that moved me to capture its significance is some tenable way. And like most people, I kept them is some obscure drawer.

The poetry in this book is heartfelt and honest. It is my attempt at expressing my reality. My way of dealing with loss, love, lust, joy, and sadness. At times facing the immensity of the damage, we cause nature and each other left me bewildered. Poetry helped me see beyond the despair.

I came to the title of as I realized that in reading, and organizing the poems, I was rediscovering myself. And so that obscure drawer became a beacon leading me home.

If nothing else, I hope that this book inspires someone to go look at their obscure drawer and in doing so finds their muse, or at least reclaim that part of their self.



About the Author
Alberto Maneri Having lived in a small farming village, then in NYC, and finally on to a small rural community has allowed the author to develope unique perspectives of the world around him. He has embraced the role of the outsider and used it to share his poetry in a simple and candid way.



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