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See Me Speak by Aubrey Anello Dene

See Me Speak

by Aubrey Anello Dene

26 pages
See Me Speak is a book about how different creatures communicate non-verbally. The hope is to create a more understanding and inclusive environment for children experiencing communication barriers. A part of the proceeds will go to the See Me Speak Foundation whose goal is to provide aid to families to remove these barriers.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Not all communication is verbal, in fact, throughout the animal kingdom the majority of interactions are done without speaking. The purpose of this story is to help us recognize the other ways in which we all communicate. Hopefully, it will help us to better understand one another and bridge communication gaps. A portion of our proceeds will go to the See Me Speak Foundation which is focused on helping families make progress with many types of nonverbal disorders.


This book is well written and has an important message. The rhyme scheme and animal examples paint a great picture of the overall message that words are not the only way to communicate. As a teacher and mother, I take comfort in this. This book will change the way people think.
- Rosaria Ruttenber
See Me Speak is a joy to read with a beautiful message of acceptance and understanding. I enjoyed reading it to my three children. As a mother of a son on the spectrum, we know the importance of inclusion and kindness. This book was an excellent extension to that conversation.
- Jennifer Gunzer
What a delightful childrenís story that teaches kindness and understanding to those who are different. This kid friendly approach through colorful illustrations of animals conveys a positive message to children in their early years. The author beautifully captures the values of being different.
- Chris Bua, MS Special Education



About the Author
Aubrey Anello Dene is a wife and mother of three. She graduated with a Masterís in Education and Special Education from Columbia University. Her children experienced language delays which inspired her book and the See Me Speak Foundation. Their goal is to provide aid to families experiencing communication barriers.



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