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The Stewart English Program Book 1 Principles Plus... by Donald S. Stewart

The Stewart English Program Book 1 Principles Plus...

by Donald S. Stewart

122 pages
Here’s the magic sauce of teaching writing: Focus on the grammar that actually applies to writing, present the punctuation that leads to writing without error, and include models of great writing from familiar authors that will inspire and challenge all students. That’s The Stewart Writing Program.

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About the Book
Book 1 of The Stewart Writing Program sets the tone and the purpose of the entire series, presenting the fundamentals in a clear, conversational style that never loses sight of the ultimate goal of outstanding writing skills. “That’s a common noun; make it more specific with a proper noun. Here’s a sentence by J. K. Rowling; toss out her words and put in your own.” Everything makes sense, as the students discover the confidence and creativity that has always eluded them.

The “Plus...” part of every book in the series refers to the attention to both the opportunities and the stumbles that go with mastering these writing skills. For example, look at the parallel structure in the previous sentence, where the conjunctions “both...and” link the two nouns, “opportunities” and “stumbles.” Or learn the secrets of commas, which can make the writing flow, or can make it a mess.

Book 1 concludes with a section called “Writing Patterns,” uniting all the lessons to inspire writing that is detailed, organized, and convincing. Together with Books 2 and 3, this series leads to success like no other writing program.


“I have used the Stewart Grammar series for maybe 10 years now. And I love it. I credit your books with producing several National Merit Scholars at our tiny little school.”
- Sandy McNamara, Founder and teacher at Dominion Academy, Dayton, Ohio.
"Our graduates have routinely outperformed their peers in college, especially in writing. I will never have anything but good to say about the Stewart English Program."
- Peter Meents Headmaster Heritage Classical Study Center, Monroe, GA


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About the Author
Donald S. Stewart Donald Stewart is a retired high school English teacher, author, editor, trainer of teachers, and frequent presenter in schools and national conferences. He founded and directed the summer writing program called Write for College for 25 years, and he recently developed the online writing course called Writing Whatever.



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