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Peering Around the Corner by Dennis Herrell

Peering Around the Corner

by Dennis Herrell

68 pages
Peering Around the Corner is what happens when a writer is an addicted people watcher. Dennis made a discovery about himself-upon first meeting a person, he will instinctively like that person and initiate the step toward a friendship. Dennis hopes that you will see him as an interesting, although distant, friend. Welcome to his world of poetry.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
After writing the poems for "Peering Around the Corner", Dennis Herrell has discovered that describing and explaining a book to his readers is a different and difficult process. He would much rather simply write poems. As a writer of poetry, Dennis believes that everyone has a poem in himself or herself. A human being is mentally and emotionally equipped to have “Poetic Moments”. You might not call them that, but, thank goodness we do have those moments in our lives. This is a book about some of his moments. For example, while teaching one day, Dennis noticed some birds outside the window, and a poem formed in his mind about how things are relevant. Another day while fishing, he wondered about sharing a lake with the large creatures we call cows. On another day, Dennis encountered the CEO of a national company much in the news, and a poem was the result. On a walk, Dennis found a stick, and wondered what a stick was good for. Another time, in a corner of his mind, he considered the birth of a poem.

Dennis likes to explore what makes familiar objects, everyday events, and ordinary people not really mundane. There are lots of corners in our lives.

Our lives are so full of the small things that we take them for granted and a feeling of oh hum. Look for more corners. Look with new eyes and different attitude.

A daily walk can be a new experience every day. Bathing an infant does not have to be a chore. A first date might, or might not, be a life-changing event.

You can learn something new in any conversation—the other person knows something you don’t. Everybody brings something to the table.

Remember: the people you are looking at are also looking at you, and their brains are just as capable at making judgments. It's so obvious, but you have to think outside of your own box. Therein lies the fun of reading poetry—other people’s thoughts. Dennis Herrell wishes you well, and enjoyable reading.



About the Author
Dennis Herrell Dennis Herrell was a teacher, a sporting goods wholesaler, a gift/card wholesaler, and antique dealer. He is now retired. His writing life began in college, and continued off and on during his working years. He wrote more in the 1990's, and in year 2000, he started submitting his poetry again.



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