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A Pitch for Love by Michael Zielinski

A Pitch for Love

by Michael Zielinski

370 pages
Affairs of the heart can toggle back and forth when entangled in a sticky web of competing and compelling circumstances.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
A Pitch for Love tells the tale of Matt Meredith, who is torn between two women who are polar opposites. Compounding their affairs of the heart is a major scandal involving the mayor that entangles all three of them.

Star columnist Matt Meredith is the Braxton Bugle's lead reporter in an investigative series on a scandal involving the Braxton Emergency Shelter's capital campaign; Robbyn Baxter is the mother of the star pitcher and shortstop on the Little League team Matt coaches and the advertising copywriter marketing the capital campaign; and Tiffany Underhill, the female lead in the movie "Drug Town" being filmed in Braxton, is the primary source implicating the mayor in the scandal.

Like a whip coming back to its handle, Matt toggles his affections between Robbyn and Tiffany as the three of them are buffeted by competing and compelling circumstances that concoct an intoxicating blend of romance, intrigue and drama.



About the Author
Michael Zielinski Michael Zielinski is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, columnist and television host. This is his second novel. Jack Daniels on the Rocks was his first novel.



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