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Only in My Garden by Laurie Conlon

Only in My Garden

by Laurie Conlon

48 pages
Only in my Garden is a book of imagination, observation, and inspiration. Laurie invites you into her garden to meet her flower friends and journey through the seasons. Her little friends are silly and joyful. They offer a lesson on always to look on the sunny side of life.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
My flower friends came to me in my summer of transitions. One by one they greeted me as I wondered and wandered about my garden. They were born of a need to create and a soulís desire to keep a sunny disposition. Each appeared with serenity, my melancholy giving rise to laughter and joy. They became cherished friends bearing lifeís lessons. To step into a garden is to step into a magical space. Does not one set forth with seed or seedling with the sole purpose to bring beauty to their corner of the world? When we tend and care for flora, we discover we are tending and caring for our soul. Only in my garden could I find the peace, hope, and renewal I was longing for. I invite you to meet my flower friends. We wish you to gather in a lesson, feel your spirit uplifted, smile and even laugh out loud. And most important, you may experience the beauty of a flower.



About the Author
Laurie has been tending her garden for over thirty years. Her garden is like a painterís canvas. It offers a place to plant dreams, keep perspective, and cultivate imagination. She has found her garden holds many lessons when she opens her heart to the beauty of a flower. Along with gardening, Laurie enjoys riding her bicycle and playing her ukulele. You can find more about Laurie and her garden at



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