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by Douglas Howerton

112 pages
Metaphysical poetry and prose laced together with quotes that Shakespeare would love transitioning in to well crafted esoteric short stories in the mold of Ray Bradbury.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
Poetry will never be the same. This sometimes alarming craft driven work of literature opens a Pandora’s box of shrewd undeniable unearthing of social ills. This over the top notch look at the world at large's philosophical, psychological make up and unprecedented keen approach to humanity's endeavors, with a nod to the alien presents.


This unique and interesting book offers a compelling account of the author’s experiences and observations of metaphysics through poetry and short stories. The reader is taken on a journey of mind control, political corruption, and alien abductions in various forms that are certain to create serious questions about our own reality. The veil is lifted for all to see. We are trapped in a matrix of control in which escape is virtually impossible. The comments on digital poverty were particularly revealing, especially the creation and cause of perpetuation homelessness. Perceptions are illusions. Only a select few understand the real world. This is brought out in the poems and through some of the short stories. Will the 21st century be the last for humankind? It might be. Only time will tell. Tony Dalben,Author “Ending the Deception”
In Doug Howerton's poetry, I hear the apocalyptic voice of the Sibyl, and of Cassandra, and of John the Baptist. Beware.
- Maxine Hong Kingston



About the Author
Douglas Howerton, a poet, short story writer, multimedia/video artist born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, spent twenty-six years in California. Douglas was a member of Maxine Hong Kingston writers group and wrote a short story "Firing Blanks at Moving Targets" in a book titled Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace. Also a member of Pen Oakland, Douglas’ poetics appeared in two anthologies Oakland Out Loud and Fightin Words. Printed online an E-book "Cosmic Warrior" published by Book Baby.



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