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Of Enmity & Accord by Lynne Glenway

Of Enmity & Accord

by Lynne Glenway

524 pages
Growing up in an abusive home, Heather struggles for normalcy. Believing she found it with her stepfather, she discovers he's involved with the Greek syndicate. This leads her unwittingly into a passionate and tumultuous relationship with Gregor, his friend's son. Eventually, she must make a life-changing decision to be safe.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Growing up in an abusive, alcoholic home, Heather struggles for normalcy. She believes she has found it with her stepfather, only to discover he is not the man her mother, brother, and she had longed for. Trusting him completely, they are unaware of his involvement with the Greek syndicate. In an attempt to keep his new family safe, he makes a deal involving Heather being courted by Gregor, the son of his business partner and lifelong friend. The story revolves around Heather’s passionate and tumultuous relationship with Gregor, as she struggles with his affairs, drug addiction, and the reality of his family connections. Ultimately, Heather is placed in grave danger from Gregor's family. Having run out of options to be safe, she must make a sacrifice that almost destroys her to protect herself and those she loves. She deals with her loneliness and remorse while remaining strong and capable, hoping that eventually she’d find peace and the happily-ever-after of her dreams. From the Chain O'Lakes in Illinois, to the Greek Isles, the north woods of Wisconsin, and Denver, Colorado, Heather comes to accord with the enmity of her past and the her past decisions and the decisions made for her.



About the Author
Lynne Glenway was born and raised throughout the Midwest. She and her husband of 38 years raised their six children while she worked as a medical editor/transcriptionist from home. She has been passionate about storytelling from an early age, having written skits for women’s retreats and for school productions and directing such. Lynne has a sense of humor and a gift for sarcasm that will appear often in her stories. Currently, she continues to live in the Midwest, retired. She finds extraordinary joy in grandparenting her five grandchildren with their grandpa. Her hope is to continue to create stories and continue to create happy memories for her children and grandchildren.



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