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Morning, the Third Day by Yev Bukovinsky

Morning, the Third Day

by Yev Bukovinsky

638 pages
This science fiction novel explores alternate technological and societal paths in the far future, as well as the unchanging nature of humanity. Follow its main characters across astronomical units of space and take part in the evolution of their perspectives. Watch them change as they irreversibly alter the world they inhabit.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi
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About the Book
Aquila is a disillusioned machine tamer, serving the Temple on a small world orbiting a failed star. Happy to live out his life in the fringes of his solar system, he is unprepared to face his past, when circumstances planetside force him and a healer named Vires to flee their deep space community.

Having survived the trip by the skin of their teeth, they unknowingly get involved in a chain of events beyond their control, threatening to unravel the fabric of their society. ​​​​​​​

In the course of their journey, he discovers the origins of the civilization he served, the hypocrisy it was built on, and the deeper secrets of the world conceals from its inhabitants.

It is up to him to find his role in the grand scheme of things, and decide whether to remain a mere observer, or take the reins and play a part in his world's future.

"Morning, the Third Day" is an exciting adventure, utilizing the concepts of biology and technology to explore the strangeness of the human psyche, that will leave the reader wanting for more.



About the Author
Yev Bukovinsky is an aspiring Ukrainian-Canadian science fiction author from Ottawa Ontario. Inspired by the greats, such as Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, as well as Stanislaw Lem, he creates believable worlds to explore scientific concepts or give common science fiction tropes a unique perspective.



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