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by Ray McGinley

322 pages
A high stakes casino venture weaves a tale of money and power: tribe versus tribe, Indian sovereignty versus states' rights, and Congress versus the White House. After the suicide of the casino case court reporter, her brother unravels the secrets and encounters the forces that changed her life.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
A knock on the door and Chris Brennan is informed by the police that his sister Theresa is dead. The police at the scene find alcohol and an antidepressant drug, and suicide is suspected. But why was she depressed? Theresa, a Catholic woman known for her charity work, was a successful court reporter working for a federal judge on a high profile case deliberating an Arizona Native American tribe’s right to build a new casino – even though legislation in place seemed to prohibit any new casinos. The high stakes casino venture has the ingredients of a fascinating tale of money and power: tribe versus tribe, Indian sovereignty versus states’ rights, and even Congress versus the White House. Chris travels to Phoenix to investigate Theresa’s death, and as he unravels Theresa’s secrets, he encounters the forces that influenced Theresa’s life. His life is threatened and he prays for God’s help as he seeks to leave an enduring legacy for his departed sister and strives to make a positive impact on a pregnant American Indian teenager. The novel was selected as a finalist in the Christian Writers of the West Rattlers contest.


A mainstream story with market value in the Christian Booksellers Association.
...well researched, rich in details and narrative drive, and a really smooth read.
- MATT HENDERSON ELLIS, author of the novel Keeping Bedlam at Bay in the Prague Café
...excellent job of explaining the political landscape, and the mystery of Theresa's death kept me guessing to the end.
- MARY JEAN KEE, Stone Harbor Book Shop



About the Author
Ray McGinley Ray McGinley is a retired electrical engineer having spent thirty-five years with Honeywell Aerospace where he received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. He grew up in northeast Philadelphia, attended LaSalle High School, and received a BS degree from Drexel University. He holds several patents related to aircraft electrical power systems. Before relocating to Arizona in 1974, he was a member of the Big Brothers Association and was a company clerk in the US Army Reserve. He has been married to Kathleen (nee Flanagan) since 1972; they have six children and thirteen grandchildren. His most recent short story, "What to do with a Pot of Gold," was published in Liguorian magazine in October, 2017.



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