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The Last Posse by Steven Key Meyers

The Last Posse

by Steven Key Meyers

158 pages
Twelve-year-old Bing, visiting his Texas sheriff uncle in 1922, is swept up in a posse chasing outlaw Frank Holloway, before breaking off on a mission of revenge against the robbers of his grandfather's grave. Bing engagingly narrates this story about growing up inspired by real events.

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
Twelve-year-old Bing, visiting his Uncle Jim Groves, Sheriff of Wilbarger County, Texas in 1922, is swept up in adventure: investigating a bank robbery and tearing off in a posse after the robber, pursuing by car and on horseback the famous outlaw Frank Holloway across two states, then breaking off for a private mission of revenge, chasing the Eastern con men behind the theft of his grandfather's long-buried bones.

Bing engagingly narrates his encounters with newsreel cameramen, an English lord, a biplane, a blue norther, his own murderous impulses, and the historic (if illusory) "Edwards Estate"--not to mention a certain embroidered Mexican dress--in this richly detailed, Texas-sized adventure story about growing up, inspired by real events from the author's family history.


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About the Author
Steven Key Meyers was born on a farm near Grand Junction, Colorado and is the author of numerous novels, including My Mad Russian, The Wedding on Big Bone Hill, Good People, Another's Fool, as well as of the recent memoir, I Remember Caramoor.



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