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Twice Again by Heather Rivera

Twice Again

by Heather Rivera

266 pages
From living in luxury to working in a diner in the desert, Laura has a lot of adjusting to do. To top it off, she's not even in her own body!

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Twenty-eight-year-old Laura is married to the famous composer, Jake Talbot. She has the oceanfront estate and the fancy clothes. She has the perfect life. So it seems.

Jake is handsome and charming, but also manipulative. He engages in emotional and physical abuse of Laura, who has become adept at hiding the truth to keep the peace. Jake forces Laura to keep their home spotless, yet he's never satisfied with her tireless efforts, seizing every opportunity to find fault. One fatal slip by Laura pushes Jake over the edge and, in his fury, he murders her.

Instead of finding peace in death, Laura jolts awake in another woman's body. She struggles to understand what has happened while she adapts to her new environment. With help from her new friends, she endeavors to discover who she really is without Jake to bully and control her.

In her new body as Bridget, she meets Sam, who seems like the man of her dreams. Could he be another version of Jake, condemning Laura to live the same life of domestic abuse again? Or will living as Bridget finally give her the chance to grow into the kind of woman she was meant to be?


It's rare to find a novel that succeeds as an engaging work of drama as well as social commentary on a topic as important as spousal abuse in our society. Twice Again does just that, while simultaneously entertaining us with engaging characters we recognize from our own lives. Fans of Heather Friedman Rivera's previous works will be tremendously satisfied by her evolving voice.
- Stephen Jay Schwartz, L.A. Times bestselling author of Boulevard and Beat
Twice Again hooked me from the start. The idea of a woman in another person's body was so strange and intriguing to me. Each chapter contained unexpected page-turner plot twists. Although the subject of spousal abuse is unpleasant, Rivera's fictional representation of its stark reality presents a compassionate, insightful story.
- Lillian Nader, M.Ed.
Twice Again is an imaginative, gripping and heart-wrenching story—filled with surprise revelations and secrets of the heart. It is a fast-paced page-turner from the first page until the until the powerful denouement.
- Marjorie Miles, DCH



About the Author
Heather Rivera Heather S. Friedman Rivera, RN, JD, PhD obtained her Ph.D. in Parapsychic Science in 2011, her Doctorate in Law in 2002 and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past-life Regression. She trained with Dr. Brian Weiss at The Weiss Institute. Heather is also a Registered Nurse with over twenty-five years of experience. She is the author of eight books, contributing author in seven books, and author of numerous articles. Heather writes non-fiction, fiction, and books for young readers. She serves as an editor for the International Journal of Regression Therapy. She holds a creative writing specialization certificate from Wesleyan University. Heather has been featured in print, radio, and web television. Heather holds workshops and retreats on writing and past life regression. She has numerous speaking engagements throughout the year. Heather is a member of Disabled Writers and the International Women's Writing Guild. She lives in Hawaii with her husband, a puggle, and a bratty cat. Her superpower is bionic hearing.



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