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Retailing In Today’s World: How to Succeed in Today’s Highly Competitive Retail Market by Lauren Daniel Falk

Retailing In Today’s World: How to Succeed in Today’s Highly Competitive Retail Market

by Lauren Daniel Falk

152 pages
Provides you with the type of innovative merchandising ideas that will help you succeed in today's highly competitive retail market.

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About the Book
Retailing In Today's World
How to Succeed in Today's Highly Competitive Retail Market

Attracting today's savvy, educated shopper has never been easier.

Retailing In Today's World provides you with the type of innovative merchandising ideas that will keep you a step ahead of your competition. This informative book provides you with countless ideas on innovative promotional concepts, marketing events, visual display, effective PR, improved selling techniques, and enhanced customer service ideas. An effective combination of these strategies, together with the proper merchandise mix, an enticing store design, and an understanding of what 'retailing beyond the store' entails, will enable you to create a total shopping experience that will keep your business at the top of everyone's list.

The competitive marketplace of this millennium requires not only doing your best, but doing it better than anyone else. Today's ever-changing shopping environment is not only competitive; it is over-stored as well. As we move into the 2000's, alternative retail formats such as resort retailing, airport retailing and shopping via the internet are replacing traditional retail venues such as strip centers and malls, threatening them with obsolescence in the years to come.

To survive in an over-stored environment such as this, you must set out to dominate the particular consumer niche you choose to fill. You can't just cater to it; you must indoctrinate it. When promoting, you must do it purposefully. You can no longer just rely on price cutting strategies to generate the draw you want. You must incorporate special events, in-store promotions and unique marketing techniques into your merchandising strategies. The bottom line is this . . . you must become a merchant in the true sense of the word. Remember, your store is but a theater - it's up to you to set the stage.

Retailing In Today's World is designed to help you create the kind of total shopping experience that will have your customers coming back time and time again. We have kept the presentation simple, in an effort to make it easier for you to cue into your specific needs. Our goal is to get you from the reading stage, to the implementation stage, as quickly and efficiently as possible.


A must read to be competitive - I am so happy that someone is finally addressing some of the most pressing industry issues that are happening in this always changing and evolving business that is retail!
- Margie Schuett, Corporate Marketing Manager, Sears Canada Inc.
A critical 'snapshot' for busy executives. The key issues are outlined in an innovative format so that retailers gain another important information source.
- Ruth Crowley-Jacinto, V. President Retail, Host Marriott Services Corp.
The information provided in Retailing in Today's World is on target with the type of information merchants will need to prosper in the years to come.
- Susan Glick, Fashion Director, The Chicago Apparel Center



About the Author

Lauren Daniel Falk is a nationally-recognized retail authority, writer, professional speaker, and sought-after consultant. She is frequently quoted in both general news and trade publications such as USA Today, Women's Wear Daily, The California Apparel News, The Detroit News and Entrepreneur Magazine. Ms. Falk was formerly editor of RTW Review, a trade publication for executives in the retail industry. She is currently president of the Creative Concepts Group, assisting marketers in presenting a unified focus and strong company identity, which eloquently delivers their corporate message.

Ms. Falk is also the author of Merchandising Strategies for the Competitive Nineties and Electronic Commerce: How to Sell on the Net.



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