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Chalice of Pleiades: the intuitive prose collection by Donna Lynn Hudgins

Chalice of Pleiades: the intuitive prose collection

by Donna Lynn Hudgins

462 pages
Mirrored in the great heavens above is our story played out-as above, so below. The Living Truth is all around us. The collection of writings and many other reflections in this book speak to the simple truths of Life, and beyond and into the realm of universal mysteries.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
As a young adult seeking to find the Way, these beautiful writings became a thirty-eight year reflection of a journey filled with mystery, wonder, and comfort. Couched within these timeless expressions is the search for love, understanding, and our connection to the Divine. From inspirational, cryptic, and spiritual, to mystical and prophetic, my hope is that they uplift, inspire, and fill the heart with Light.

If you are interested in the metaphysical, spirituality, and the mysteries of Life this book is for you!



About the Author
Donna Lynn Hudgins Since a little girl Donna has always been drawn to the unseen, the unknown, and the mysterious. Written intermittently over thirty years, these special writings were added into her notebooks and journals, sprinkled in among recorded dreams, travel plans, and other thoughts and happenings. Eventually after many years she was inspired to publish them as so many who had read her writings felt they truly needed to be shared with others.

Donna is humbled by being allowed to express these written words in her life. She hopes they lift your heart and soul as they have hers, and hold The Light high to see.



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