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SMILEY GOES TO GEORGIA by Steve Denmark, illustrated by Deanna Fallin


by Steve Denmark, illustrated by Deanna Fallin

24 pages
Smiley is a hermit crab that appeals to young readers because of his good-nature and he rarely loses his smile except when he has to fly. Everybody knows that crabs hate to fly. All of his friends, chickens, alligators, turtles and rabbits, help him get through his many adventures.

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Category: Fiction:Juvenile
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About the Book
Smiley, is a small hermit crab who lives in Texas most of the year. Due to the extreme heat, he moves to Georgia during the hottest parts of the summer.

His very presence often puts into motion a whole series of hapless events of adventure and action.

Common knowledge about crabs create the basis for the situations that he and his friends frequently find themselves involved in.

Going on the assumption that crabs do not make good business decisions, do not like to fly under any circumstances, and are often forgetful, creates delightful action events that everyone must work together to figure out a happy solution.


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About the Author
Steve Denmark, illustrated by Deanna Fallin Steve Denmark lives in San Antonio, Texas. He writes delightful children’s books for the earliest readers. He has some of the greatest experts in the world to work with—his grandchildren.



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