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86 DAYS: The Tragic True Story of Puppy Doe by Sandra Lee

86 DAYS: The Tragic True Story of Puppy Doe

by Sandra Lee

368 pages
When a motorist discovered a motionless dog in the middle of a road, he stepped out of his vehicle. She was barely alive, unable to stand or walk and wearing fresh spots of blood. The discovery sparked an investigation which would shatter the hearts of millions for years to come.

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Category: True Crime
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About the Book
On the muggy Massachusetts morning of August 31, 2013, a driver discovered a motionless dog lying in the middle of a road in Quincy, Massachusetts. When he stepped out of his vehicle and walked closer, he realized a small female Pit Bull Terrier mix. Barely alive, she wore fresh spots of blood on her head and was unable to stand or walk. The driver and his friend sought immediate help for the dog whose fate was uncertain.

The discovery sparked a series of investigations and court proceedings which would cover a near five-year span and shatter the hearts of millions. While state laws relating to animal cruelty would improve, For many individuals, the emotional scars caused by the events would last a lifetime.


The Puppy Doe case was a horrifying tragedy for Massachusetts and for animal lovers worldwide. Sandra Lee was not just an advocate for this beautiful abused animal, she has written a riveting book describing in detail the case. I have long been a fan of her writing. This book is stellar.
- Michele R. McPhee, Author, "Maximum Harm"



About the Author
Sandra Lee Sandra Lee is a Boston-based mystery writer and a freelance investigative journalist often recognized by the media. For twenty years prior to beginning her writing career, she worked as a legal assistant and paralegal. Lee is a graduate of Northeastern University where she studied criminal justice.



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