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Particularly Peculiar People by Barbara Gibson Taylor

Particularly Peculiar People

by Barbara Gibson Taylor

222 pages
"B. Lynn knows two things about ministers: they have schizophrenic personalities and they tend to flock around dead people." In this collection of vignettes, B. Lynn makes many of such observations as she muddles through life confounded by a world she views through a lens distorted by the absurd.

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Category: Humor
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About the Book
The hit television series, Seinfeld, was once described as "a show about nothing." The same could be said of Particularly Peculiar People.

Although the events in her life are of little consequence, B. Lynn views them through a curiously distorted lens that turns “something about nothing” into "something about something."

In this collection of vignettes, B. Lynn wades through the muck of childhood, adolescence and adulthood, keenly observing the absurd and learning valuable life lessons:
  • Getting too chummy with God is not conducive to living a long and healthy life
  • Fingers make convenient playmates
  • It is not a good idea to aggravate her mother's eyebrow
  • It is impossible to hum Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner
  • Grandmothers are physically disgusting
Wickedly humorous and irreverent, with an undercurrent of poignancy as B. Lynn exposes her own vulnerabilities and abiding love for the people she so mercilessly caricaturizes, Particularly Peculiar People begins in the 1950s and continues until B. Lynn is older than she would like.



About the Author
Barbara Gibson Taylor is a lifelong resident of East Aurora, NY. This stagnation of location has had an unsettling effect on her psyche. She shares her home with one husband and two greyhounds.



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