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Secret Consequences by K.G. Bass

Secret Consequences

by K.G. Bass

254 pages
Quake Gorman retires as an executive and becomes the leader of an unbelievable miracle through inheritance. His responsibilities are demanding and thrilling due to the requirements involving an incredible substance, obligating secrecy throughout centuries from an ancient Indian tribe located in the far northern region of Canada.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Man has always been fascinated by the possibility of time travel and although it is scientifically improbable, hundreds of books and movies have been created expressing the dangerous effects it can have on everything if altered. What happens however, if an accidental process occurs and a drug or potion is created; through the technique of wisdom, voo-doo, witch-craft, or whatever process and allows a miraculous discovery of brain cell reproduction or rapid tissue reproduction to happen? Although a discovery of this nature would not alter time, it would definitely extend your life span. This is exactly what happens to a little town located in the secluded northern Canadian tundra called Leaf Rapids. From its accidental conception by an old Athapaka Indian Shaman to modern day challenges confronting the group responsible for its protection, watch the hidden agenda unfold as you find out what the “consequences” are for concealing such an important “secret” throughout time can create.



About the Author
K.G. Bass, a retiree, currently lives in Spain where he enjoys writing, taking daily walks, hiking various routes of the trail to Santiago, and eating European cuisine to maintain his healthy lifestyle.



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